Did you know… Moddershall Oaks offers a wellness and spa membership where you can visit the spa and gym any day and enjoy unlimited relaxation, fitness classes and yoga? Health, fitness and wellbeing advice and expertise in a boutique setting. Read on to find out more…


Muscle relaxing warm water and hydrotherapy

Whether from working out, commuting to work, leaning over a desk or carrying a handbag on one shoulder every day, we hold a great deal of tension in our back, neck and shoulders. Muscle soreness can be really uncomfortable and sitting in a hydrotherapy pool soothes aching muscles by combining water and heat to improve your health and wellbeing. The sensational feeling of the jets on your body and bubbles on your skin will melt away your aches and pains and the hydrotherapy works through your body. As well as relieving tension, sitting in a hydrotherapy pool is revitalising and helps you to totally destress too.


Curling up alone with a good book

Research shows that there are real benefits to finding things to do by yourself, enjoying activities in your own way at your own pace. Adding quiet moments where you can be alone are particularly beneficial if you struggle to slow down and take breaks. Taking a break from distractions, opinions and the influence of other people… alone time heps to make your interests a priority, boosts your creativity and makes you more productive. Why not curl up with a good book in a quiet room – set a time and stick to it, and eliminate any distractions (put your phone in aeroplane mode for an hour!!) Even if you are really busy, try to make sure you pencil in time for small moments of quiet time, you will feel so much better for it.


Self care in pampering and skincare

Studies outline the impact that skincare has on our mental wellbeing, and the impact our mental wellbeing has on our skin. So the overall goal is to take care of both our mental health and our skin. Facials can really benefit our wellbeing in this way whether as time out being pampered with a customised face treatment or locking that bathroom door for a spa-at-home facial. A proper skincare routine morning and evening requires concentration and that focused time alone is a great way to switch off and think about nothing but the task at hand… self care. And when your skin is in good condition, you feel more confident, more secure and generally better in yourself. Whether you want to find the most suitable cleanser and moisturiser, or go all out with targeted treatments, consider a skincare routine as a method of consistent self care you do every single day.


Enjoying a variety of exercise types

So many people are put off by exercising because of the environment and a lack of confidence, that is why it is important to choose the surroundings that are right for you, whether it is a large franchise gym, smaller boutique studio, outdoor running or exercising at home. You can be active in so many ways and in so many places. And for the maximum impact on your wellbeing, it is advised to incorporate a variety of exercise types which complement each other. Aerobic exercise is great for fat loss and heart health, strength training is good for fat loss too turning fat into muscle, flexibility exercises such as yoga and pilates are great for supporting joints and reducing the risk of injuries and stretching with slow forms of yoga will help with muscle recovery. Try not to stick to just one form of exercise for the most healthy approach and that can include combining different forms in the same session… and you will never be bored!


The great outdoors and boosting your mood

Fresh air changes your body chemistry for the better. Taking deep breaths outside can raise the oxygen levels in your brain, boosting your serotonin levels and lifting your mood. There is a great deal of evidence that supports the benefit of being outdoors and its positive impact on your wellbeing. The natural light helps to manage our circadian rhythm and boost our vitamin D, and simply being outside helps us to destress and calm our minds. Exercising outdoors whether walking, jogging or cycling, goes the extra mile with lifting your mood too increasing the production of endorphins. Try to spend at least 20 minutes outside each day to lift your mood and improve your wellbeing.


Stretching, yoga and core strength

Multiple scientific studies prove yoga to have both mental and physical benefits to your health. Increasing strength and flexibility of your core muscles including pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen will help with balance and stability as well as reducing the risk of injury. Regular yoga practice will help to stretch your muscles, strengthen your core and improve your posture and circulation. Adding yoga into your exercise routine will increase your wellbeing including better sleep, better body awareness and greater happiness.


Nourishing, plantbased food and drink

Nutrition plays a vital role in our mental wellbeing, due to the nutrients found in platbased foods that elevate your mood, reduce stress and promote mental healing. What we eat influences every aspect of our body from our brain to our skin, so when we eat nutritious foods filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it decreases our risk of disease and improves our health. If you don’t want to give up meat all together, then decreasing the amount you consume will reduce the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Not all plantbased foods are healthy especially when refined or processed, our advice would be to consume as much fruit, vegetables whole grains and nuts in their original form and you will feel the difference.


Meditation for better sleep

Meditation is an accessible relaxation technique that quietens the mind to being about inner peace, improving your quality of life and overall wellbeing. There is evidence that meditating regularly can help to slow the cognitive effects of ageing and help with concentration. One of the main benefits of meditation is its positive effects on stress, anxiety and quality of sleep. By learning to focus the mind on the present moment and away from the daily stresses, it promotes overall calmness – and if carried out before bedtime, meditation creates the inner conditions for a really restful night’s sleep.


Self compassion to boost wellbeing

Taking time for yourself to recharge your mind and body will prevent burnout and help us to manage life’s stresses. Exercising, stretching, yoga… all essential for healthy bodies and minds but we need to go deeper than just physical wellbeing. Meditation, mindfulness, alone time, all vitally important. But the most important thing to feel well, is to be kind to ourselves. Often the most unkind voice, the most pressure and the most criticisms come from our own self talk. We pay so little attention to ourselves, our strengths and our emotions. Simply being kind to ourselves, noticing positives instead of negatives, and repeating positive affirmations in our minds will help to keep anxiety at bay, and keep us feeling comfortable and confident. We ARE enough.


Moddershall Oaks and its onsite wellness centre Welcome to MADE offers a lifechanging membership to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing.


The membership gets you access to the spa retreat on any morning and any evening. This includes our indoor spa with steam room, foot baths, experience shower, swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool and heated loungers, indoor sleep lounge, poolside relaxation lounge, outdoor kelo sauna & 25sqm outdoor vitality spa pool. Plus member discounts on food, drink, events and treatments.


The membership also gets you a wellness membership at Welcome to MADE including unlimited fitness class, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, use of the boutique gym, body composition scans, member events and group personal training. Plus member discounts in our healthy café and retail wellness shop.


Contact us now to find out about a trial and body composition scan to try for yourself how we can improve your wellbeing.

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