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Moddershall Oaks allergens policy


Our allergens guide

This information identifies the 14 major allergens outlined by the Food Standards Agency which can be found in the food and drink we serve.

Equipment, ingredients and cross-contamination

We are proud to produce food in our kitchens everyday but as we use many ingredients and shared equipment / utensils across multiple menu items, including those containing allergens, cross-contamination is managed but not to an allergen free-level. We therefore cannot guarantee any of our food is suitable for those with allergies due to high risk of cross-contamination. Whilst we take reasonable steps keep things separate, we cannot guarantee any item is allergen free even after ingredients have been removed on request. There is a possibility that trace allergens may be found in any item.

Ingredients containing allergens which are deep fried in our kitchens will use the same fryers as ingredients that do not contain allergens. There may be a risk of cross-contamination.


While the ingredient information is based on standard dish formulations, variations may occur. Please remember to check our guide and the ingredient matrix regularly as our dishes do change from time to time.

Ingredients and specifications can change; so, even if you have dined with us before, it is important to review this information before ordering.

Customers with specific dietary needs must inform staff of their requirements, before ordering, to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.


Our staff cannot offer specific advice or make recommendations beyond our published allergen communications.

Drinks and packaged products

Any drinks or packaged products not outlined in this guide may require customers to check the packaging information of each product. Please ask a staff member should you need to see the product packaging.


Many of the ingredients we use are produced in factories which handle additional allergens. The manufacturers have controls in place and are subject to frequent audits, yet customers should be aware that there could be a small risk of cross-contamination.

Air borne allergies

For those with air borne allergies, please note that we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment.


Information correct at time of print, April 2023. All information on this matrix is subject to change without notice.

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