Signature Treatments

Our signature and bespoke treatments exclusivley available at Moddershall Oaks taking you on a relaxing journey of body and mind. All of our signature treatments use our very own Enlighten Butter Balm with notes of clary sage, bergamot and cypress to rebalance and aid inner peace.

The Enlighten Signature Massage

£75 (50 mins)

Our take on the classic deep tissue massage.

Our iconic full body & scalp massage symbolising the epitome of Moddershall Oaks. This signature treatment is culturally inspired by ancient techniques, taking you on a journey to rediscover your roots and reawaken your soul. Prepare to be charmed into an empowering stupor, with a deeply sedative and calming mood, alongside softened aching muscles. Fresh, natural, botanical fragrances in our unique butter balm blend to nourish the skin and enlighten the mind.