Massage Me!

Massage Treatments

Regular massage is important for our overall wellness, easing aching muscles, improving circulation and balancing the body and mind.

Choose from our range of massage treatments to alleviate stress and tension, from lighter therapeutic aromatherapy to deep tissue tension relieving.

Enlighten signature massage

£90 (50 mins)

Our iconic full body and scalp massage symbolising the epitome of Moddershall Oaks.

Prepare to be charmed into an empowering stupor, with a deeply relaxing and calming mood, alongside softened aching muscles.

Fresh, natural, botanical fragrances in our unique butter balm blend to nourish the skin and enlighten the mind.

Includes – Full body (legs, back, arms, scalp)

Pressure – Light, medium and firm pressure

Hypnotic Tribal Sleep

£90 (50 mins)

Full body dreamy sleep massage supported with pillows in the embryo position to enhance muscular release while encouraging optimum rest.

A blend of black pepper and petitgrain essential oils will drift you off to sleep during this gorgeously light and gentle massage.

Includes – Full body (legs, arms, back and scalp)

Pressure – Light pressure

Hot Rocking Relax

£90 (50 mins)

Your aching muscles will welcome this combination of sleep-inducing essential oils and gently warmed Himalayan salt pebbles. This massage can be tailored to your requirements, whether you’re looking for a light or medium pressured massage to recharge your mind, body and soul.

Includes – Half body massage (back of legs, back, back of arms and scalp)

Pressure – Light to medium pressure

Liberty 517

£90 (50 mins)

This bamboo massage provides a unique experience of hand-on manual massage and expert bamboo pole sequences.

Combining the application of exotic Amyris & Ylang Ylang infused oil and bamboo poles, your body will undoubtedly surrender to pure muscle relaxation.

Includes – Half body (back of legs, back, back or arms and scalp)

Pressure – Medium to firm pressure

Calibrate 517

£90 (50 MINS)

Surrender to the sensation of having your body gently realigned and perfectly put back together again with a body massage like no other. supported lying face down encouraging gravity to enhance the experience.

Warmed orange and fennel infused oil will help to relieve tension during this light to medium pressured massage.

Includes – Half body massage (back of legs, back, back of arms and scalp)

Pressure – Light to medium pressure

neom wellbeing massage

£90* (50 MINS)

From 09:30-17:00 we offer the Neom Destress Massage

From 17:00-20:30 we offer the Neom Sleep Massage

Your 50-minute Neom Wellbeing treatment begins with an opening ceremony to include reflex foot massage and breathing techniques. Warm candle oil application throughout nourishes the skin whilst a blend of expert massage techniques melt away tension from key stress areas. 

Includes – full body (legs, back, arms, face and scalp)

Pressure – light, medium or firm

*Neom treatments are not included in spa packages