Love Me!

Tender Loving Care

A fusion of nature, mindfulness & gratitude through treatment experiences.

Soothing, caring and loving for the body, mind and soul.

pause & renew

£90 (50 mins)

This new signature treatment has been designed exclusively for guests experiencing hormonal changes, including symptoms of the perimenopause or menopause. 

Cool compresses and a soothing skin mask will calm hot and sore skin, comforting balms will hydrate and nourish aching limbs, hypnotic balms will aid rest and sleep, and refreshing mists will awaken and revive. 

This nurturing experience includes mindfulness relaxation and deep breathing as a gentle way to empty your mind of overthinking, delivering a new harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

Includes – Face, arms, hands, legs & feet

Beautiful Hero

£90 (50 mins)

For the warrior in you!

Well-being touch of warmth to comfort your soul, treat your skin and lift your spirits.

Ideal for those with sensitivity, fragile conditions and those living with or recuperating from disease and sickness. Treatment uses a whipped delight of fragrance free natural butters.

Includes – Full body (legs, back, arms, décolleté and scalp)

Pressure – Light pressure touch therapy

Sole to Soul

£90 (50 mins)

Reclaim your inner balance and unwind from sole to soul. This enveloping reflexology treatment helps reduce tension from head to toe through only the manipulation of the feet and scalp. Enjoy fragrances of basil, neroli, sweet orange and fennel whilst your body is supported by soft pillows.

Reflexology treatment

Includes – Feet and scalp

Pressure – Light to medium pressure

Mama love

£90 (50 mins)

Tender loving care for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. A cocooning soothing massage encouraging sleep and relaxation with soft pillows and a natural whipped blend of butters.

Includes – Full body (legs, arms, back and scalp)

Pressure – Light pressure