Demi Treatments

DEMI treatments

Experience the indulgence and benefits of our wonderful treatments condensed into half an hour with our demi collection.

Smooth and Soothe

£45 (25 minutes) 

A glorious quick fix and refining body scrub. Soft bubble cleansing and pink Himalayan salt exfoliation.

A full body cleansing and buffing ritual to reveal smooth and nourished skin,

Includes – Full body (legs, back, arms and décolleté).

Demi glass beauty Facial

£45 (25 mins)

A glorious quick fix and refining facial, leaving the skin with glass-like smoothness.

Expert facial exfoliating massage for ultra-refined luminosity, championing intense hydration and promoting a youthful appearance. All with the unmistakable power and scent of orange blossom.

Includes – Décolleté, neck, shoulders, face and scalp

Indian Head Inspired Massage

£45 (25mins)

A relaxing and invigorating massage inspired by the traditional Indian Head massage, focusing on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Ideal for relieving stress and tension headaches, sinus congestion, sleep problems and many other complaints.

Includes – Upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.

Hot Rock Shrug

£45 (25 mins)

A quick fix for tired muscles, aching shoulders and giving an all over feel good factor boost.

Our gently heated Himalayan salt pebbles send heat deep into the muscles and work with a technique designed to release tightness and discomfort.

A great choice for a those in need of a results-driven express back-ache release.

Includes – Back massage

Pressure – Light to medium pressure

Mama love

£45 (25mins)

Tender loving care for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. A cocooning soothing upper body massage encouraging rest and relaxation for you and your little one, with soft pillows and a natural whipped blend of butters.

Includes – Upper body (back and scalp)

Pressure – Light pressure

neom wellbeing massage

£45 * (25 MINS)

From 09:30-17:00 we offer the Neom Destress Massage

From 17:00-20:30 we offer the Neom Sleep Massage

Your 25-minute Neom Wellbeing treatment begins with an opening ceremony to include reflex foot massage and breathing techniques. Warm candle oil application to the back of the body nourishes the skin whilst a blend of expert massage techniques melts away tension from your neck, back & shoulders. 

Includes – back

Pressure – light, medium or firm

*Neom treatments are not included in spa packages

demi calibrate

£45 (25 mins)

Surrender to the sensation of having your body gently realigned and perfectly put back together again, supported lying face down encouraging gravity to enhance the experience. Warmed orange and fennel infused oil will help to relieve tension during this rhythmic massage to the back and back of legs.


Includes – Back & Back of Legs 

Pressure – Light to medium pressure